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Donation Instructions:

arcpickup nashville pickup boxes

Step 1: Prepare Your Donation Items
Gather and prepare the items you wish to donate.
Accpeted items list

arcpickup nashville pickup boxes

Step 2: Schedule a Pickup
Use the form above to schedule a pickup or call (615) 248-4112 to make arrangements. Provide any necessary details about your donation.

arcpickup nashville pickup boxes

Step 3: Label and Place Your Donation
On the scheduled pickup day, place your labeled donation itemsin a visible location
outside your home by 7 am. Label them with “Arc” to ensure our pickup team collects the correct items.

Remember to utilize your tax-deductible receipt for this year’s taxes. Please note that we do not enter homes or access the back of houses.
All furniture should be on the ground level.

If you have any questions or concerns about pickup restrictions, feel free to contact us at (615) 248-4112.